We ask everyone who submits to:

1. Read our policies here. (We are *not* a paying market, which we regret, but we want to be 100% transparent there; we support you getting paid -- but if you still want to submit to us, we'd love to have you).
2. Include a bio in your cover letter, please.
3. Submit only ONE document per category. (Ex., Five poems would be in one document).
3. Understand that we are a small team, and we will get back to as soon as we can. 
4. Oh, and like us on Facebook.  (And Instagram!)

A few notes:

While we generally don't have a max word limit, we do prefer submissions under 3000 words. We're open, though. If you don't know which "genre" your work falls into—worry not. We love hybrid work and care not for such limitations. 

While we try to personalize our responses, that isn't always the case. So if you receive a 'form' decline or acceptance, know that we wish we had the capacity to write to each and every one of you personally. We, in most cases, cannot provide feedback on declined work. 

We love you. 
We generally prefer less than 10 pages of poetry. 
Writing about the occult should be submitted here.

Spells and rituals may be submitted to our Book of Shadows category. (Although you may also submit them here, if it's a mixed essay-spell piece). 
Book of Shadows is curated by editor Trista Edwards.

We want your conjurations. We want your love spells, your water magic, your dark divinations, your herbal concoctions, your charms. 

We want your seances rituals, your altars, the light of your candles, your chants, your shadow work, your sex magic. 

We are currently seeking spells x rituals x divinations x charms x magical conjurations & recipes for our own Luna Luna Book of Shadows.

Your submissions can be a simple sharing of your favorite spells or poetical articulated. You can share the history of rituals, your accompanying experiences, & photo essays of your Craft work.  

Send us your magic. 
Love notes should be addressed to someone, an idol, a figure in your life, a musician, a historical figure, an idea, a book, an author, etc. We especially like those that experiment with form. 
We're looking for super short write-ups about poems or flash pieces you loved. Be creative, be personal, be honest. Be sure to provide the piece's name, & the link to the piece.

We're not looking for academic reviews or formal critique. Just pure feeling. 
Self portraits (we're looking for sets of photos of you — telling a story of the self; iPhone pictures and selfies welcome).
We prefer short fiction, under 1000 words.